Sassy Peanut

Our Story

We are Chelsea & Mellie.
Best friends, sisters-in-law & co-founders of Sassy Peanut.

The idea behind Sassy Peanut came about after many hours spent pacing high street shops, and online scrolling for the perfect gifts for friends and family, but rarely finding what we were looking for. We decided to embrace our dream and set up an online gift store, providing unique, affordable and beautiful gifts with luxury packaging.

We hope you enjoy shopping on our site, and thank you for supporting a small independent business!

You’re probably wondering where the name Sassy Peanut came from…
Well, left is “Sassy” (Chelsea’s daughter, and Mellie’s niece who is nicknamed Sassy for obvious reasons!)
And on the right, meet “Peanut” (Mellie’s adorable Pug).